We’ve Only Just Begun

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped with one or more of our Christmas Eve services! We had over 250 people worship with us at one of our four services, and it was an AMAZING time of worship and celebration that would not have been possible without the many people involved. From musicians to greeters to … More We’ve Only Just Begun

In Exelsis Deo!

Have you ever been overcome with excitement and joy about a gift you have received? I can remember one Christmas when I received a toy that I had wanted more than anything else. After opening gifts of socks and pajamas, I could hardly contain my excitement when I finally received the gift I had wanted. … More In Exelsis Deo!

Rejoice! Rejoice!

It’s hard to not get excited about this time of year. Everywhere you look, people are in a good mood; it is socially acceptable to walk down the street and sing Christmas songs; kindness and generosity are visible all around the community; and everyone is looking forward to something big. In some ways, perhaps this … More Rejoice! Rejoice!

The Hope of the World

A long, long time ago (in a galaxy not so far away), there was a society of people looking for hope. These people had been ostracized, alienated, and persecuted by others — including their own government. But their hope for a better world allowed them to keep going in spite of the trials and tribulations … More The Hope of the World

Remembering the Saints

Shortly after I received my calling into ministry, I was visiting with my grandmother in Macon. She handed me a notebook she had kept for many years filled with old church bulletins, newsletters, and newspaper clippings. She had made notes about sermons she had heard preached, scriptures that inspired her, and life moments when she … More Remembering the Saints

Stretching For Growth

A few weeks ago, I heard a comment from one of our members that I believe describes our current situation at Royston First UMC. “We are going to have to stretch ourselves if we ever want to grow as a church.” This comment put into words a feeling I have long held to be true. … More Stretching For Growth