The Hope of the World

A long, long time ago (in a galaxy not so far away), there was a society of people looking for hope. These people had been ostracized, alienated, and persecuted by others — including their own government. But their hope for a better world allowed them to keep going in spite of the trials and tribulations … More The Hope of the World

Remembering the Saints

Shortly after I received my calling into ministry, I was visiting with my grandmother in Macon. She handed me a notebook she had kept for many years filled with old church bulletins, newsletters, and newspaper clippings. She had made notes about sermons she had heard preached, scriptures that inspired her, and life moments when she … More Remembering the Saints

Stretching For Growth

A few weeks ago, I heard a comment from one of our members that I believe describes our current situation at Royston First UMC. “We are going to have to stretch ourselves if we ever want to grow as a church.” This comment put into words a feeling I have long held to be true. … More Stretching For Growth

God’s Blessings!

This has been quite the exciting week for Royston First UMC. Last Sunday after worship, we gathered at the Royston Wellness and Community Park for a Blessing of the Animals service. It was a wonderful service with several dogs and a chicken! Our pets are important to us, and it was so much fun getting … More God’s Blessings!

Finding Our Way Back

When I was a kid, I was a cub scout and remember learning about hiking and orientation. My den leader took a group of us out into the woods for a hike one day, and each of the boys had to lead the group using a compass and a map and relying on what we … More Finding Our Way Back