From the Pastor

Christians are people of good news- we are the Easter people!   There is no better news than this.   As Luke wrote 24:6b- “He is Risen” we are blessed.   God has given us grace to meet every need. 

     As Easter has come and gone it is important that we realize that this in not just a once a year experience; Easter is an everyday experience.   God has forgiven us in Jesus Christ and when we receive Christ into our hearts we become part of the forever family.   Each day we live in the awareness of grace and love that is sent from Heaven! 

     I pray you are enjoying this spring, and hope that you will make the church a special part of this.   There is a special blessing when we are together as the community of faith.  Grace is experienced and we are stronger because of it.

      Please keep the church in your prayers and plans- there is much to experience and to do.   God is leading us onward.   The best is yet to be!

      I thank God for all of you; please let me know when I can be of help.   See you in church as we worship God together.   The tomb is empty: He is risen indeed!

 From one of the Easter people,

Pastor Jim

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