Sermon Ideas and Input Requested

Over the next few weeks, I will be spending some time in prayer as I begin planning our preaching and worship calendar for 2019 and the first part of 2020. My goal in preaching is to help nurture Christian community for all people to grow in their faith and become deeply committed Christians, and I would love your input during this preparation process.

Please take a few minutes this weekend to answer the following questions. You can e-mail your response directly to me at I will be reviewing your responses next week and will invite our staff and lay leadership to help me review your ideas.

Here are the questions I’d like you to answer:

1) If you could ask Jesus one (or two) questions, what would you ask?
2) What is the personal struggle or relationship issue that you most often ask for God’s help with?
3) Is there a book in the Bible, a section of the Bible, a character in the Bible, or a theme in the Bible that you would value having as the focus of a sermon or sermons?
4) Are there ethical issues, current events, or global concerns that you believe I should address in a sermon?
5) Thinking of your friends who do not go to church, what might be a sermon topic or
series that you feel they would be interested in attending?
6) How can I best help you grow in your personal spiritual life through preaching? Where do you struggle in your spiritual growth?
7) Is there someone you feel would be an amazing guest preacher for a special weekend in 2019?
Thank you for sharing your responses with me. I am excited about the message series we have planned for the fall, and I look forward to hearing your responses as we plan for the future.