Your Servant is Listening

“Therefore Eli said to Samuel, ‘Go, lie down; and if calls you, you shall say, ‘Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.” So Samuel went and lay down in his place.” – 1 Samuel 2:26


Have you ever heard God calling you? For many of us, this may seem like something that is reserved for preachers and missionaries. You may be asking, “Would God really call me?” (the answer is yes, by the way).

In our house, we usually have some sort of activity happening. The girls are running, dancing, or cartwheeling; the TV is on; the dog is barking…it can sometimes make it hard to hear my own thoughts, much less the voice of God calling. There are many times when Michele will be talking to me, and she has to yell at me to get my attention because I am so distracted with everything else that is going on.

Many times, we are unable to hear God calling because of the noise in our lives. Even in this time of social distancing and quarantine, our lives can be filled with SO.MUCH.NOISE! How are we supposed to hear God calling if we are not listening for God?

Samuel heard a voice calling out to him, but he was not sure where it was coming from. He thought it might be Eli, but it wasn’t. After three times of Samuel mistaking God for Eli, Eli instructs Samuel to respond the next time by saying, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.” Maybe those words can speak to us today.

We have a wonderful opportunity right now to be still and listen to what God is saying to us. Maybe you have been struggling in your faith walk, and God has been calling out to you. Now is the time to stop and say, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.” When we turn off the noise around us, I think you will be surprised at what God might be trying to say to you.

This Sunday, we get to be with one another again in virtual worship. Theservice will premiere at 10:15 AM on Sunday morning on our YouTube page (more information is available below). I will be watching at 10:15 AM and will be on the group chat. If you have question, comment, or prayer request, I encourage you to use the chat so we can be connected and we can connect with others. 

I hope you have an amazing weekend and I look forward to being with you in virtual worship beginning at 10:15 AM this Sunday!

Grace and peace,

P.S. Don’t forget to read Psalm 23 daily and memorize this scripture. It is comforting as we are reminded that God is our shepherd who is with us always and leads us beside still waters. One of my daily practices is to recite this scripture as a prayer whenever I am concerned about what is beyond my control. Try it this week!