A Non-perishable Vision

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” – Proverbs 29:18

Have you ever noticed the size difference of the rear view mirror in a car compared with the windshield? The windshield is much bigger than the rear view mirror. As a driver, this makes sense because we spend more time looking out the windshield to see where we are going than we do looking in the rear view mirror. The rear view mirror gives us a glimpse of where we have been and what we have seen, but the windshield is a large canvas of what lies in front of us.

As a kid, I remember sitting in my dad’s car and pretending to drive. I had a wonderful imagination and dreamed I was driving fast and seeing some of the greatest sights in the world. Then my mom would call me inside for dinner, and I was reminded that I had actually gone nowhere. It was exhilarating the day I actually got to drive the car somewhere. I could not believe the power of the vehicle in motion and how awesome it felt to be moving forward.

What does the future of Royston First United Methodist Church and the ministry of our church in the community look like to you? As you think about the direction we are moving, are moving forward and seeing the possibilities of the God-given canvas through the windshield of our church? Or are we sitting in a parked car looking in the rear view mirror? In our current worship series, Focus, we are discussing the vision of a church for tomorrow. You have heard me mention some of the things we are looking at as we seek to be the church God has called us to be in the Royston area. Now I want to hear from you! I want to invite you to join me on Wednesday, November 13, at 6:15 PM, for a discussion on the vision of our church for 2020 and beyond. I’ll share more about the direction I believe we are moving, and I hope to hear your dreams and prayers for Royston First United Methodist Church. There is no RSVP necessary. We will meet in the Fellowship Hall following the Wednesday Night Dinner. I hope you will join us.

Have a great week and I look forward to being with you in worship on Sunday at 8:45 and 11:00 AM!

Grace and peace,

P.S. You should be receiving a letter in the mail soon with an Estimate of Giving Card. As we conclude our Focus series, you will be asked to turn in your Estimate of Giving card on Sunday, November 17. There were 114 letters sent out and EVERY SINGLE LETTER was prayed over before it was dropped in the mail. I hope you will join me in praying for our church and praying for your estimate of giving in 2020. God is doing amazing things in Royston, and I believe the best is STILL yet to come!