Too Good Not To Share

Have you ever experienced something so good that you HAD to share it with someone else? A good movie…a favorite vacation spot…a Krispy Kreme doughnut! There are some things that are too good not to share. This past week, if you follow me on social media (@revmattparker), you have probably noticed that I have been sharing a lot of pictures of people from our church choosing to #BlessRES! As Franklin County students return to school today, our church has been at Royston Elementary School this week praying for families and faculty, praying with teachers, handing out snow cones at Open House, and feeding the faculty. It’s been an awesome week! When I witness the church in action in this way, I want to tell everyone what an amazing church we have.

What if we were just as excited about our faith? What if we were so excited about what God is doing that we just had to share it with people? In Acts 10, Peter has a vision to go to the house of a man named Cornelius. When Peter arrived at Cornelius’ house, he began to share about his experience with Jesus and what it meant to follow Jesus. Acts 10:44 states, “While Peter was still speaking, the Holy Spirit fell upon all who heard the word.” After Peter shared his story, the Holy Spirit came upon everyone who was present and Peter instructs those who are with him to baptize Cornelius and all who were present that day.

You have a story to share! You might not believe that your story is important, but you have a story about what God has done in your life and your story matters to God. Your story is all about how God loved you even when you were broken…and that’s a story that needs to be shared. Imagine how many people in your everyday circles might need to know they can experience that same type of love from God. Imagine what might happen if you begin sharing your story and the Holy Spirit shows up. What has God been doing in your life? What’s your story?

I want to encourage you to spend some time thinking about your story and how you can share your story with others. If you’d like to get together for a cup of coffee and discuss your story, send me an e-mail and let’s plan a time next week to discuss your story.

Have a wonderful weekend and if you are in town this weekend and everyone in your house is healthy, then I hope you will be with us on Sunday morning at 8:45 and 11:00!

Grace and peace,

P.S. Will you join me in praying today for all of our students, teachers, and parents as we begin a new school year? Today at 11:00, I want to invite you to pause wherever you are and say a prayer for all of those who have returned to school.