Initiated…Incorporated…Given New Birth!

One of the best parts in my job sharing the sacred and holy moment of baptism with an individual. There is something incredible that surrounds the mystery of baptism, and I love when I can talk with someone about that mystery and what we experience through this holy sacrament. It’s a beautiful thing when someone comes to be baptized and we get to celebrate the grace of God that is working in the life of that person.

The sacrament of baptism is not just a special moment for me as a pastor, but it is special for each of us as individuals and all of us as the church. In our liturgy, we state: “Through the Sacrament of Baptism we are initiated into Christ’s holy church. We are incorporated into God’s mighty acts of salvation and given new birth through water and the Spirit. All this is God’s gift, offered to us without price.” Baptism is the outward and visible sign of the covenant relationship we have with God that is made possible through God’s grace. We celebrate that we have been set apart, cleansed of our sin, and covered with the Holy Spirit.

This Sunday in worship, we will be discussing baptism and celebrating the sacrament of baptism. We will have one individual who will be baptized that morning, and another who wishes to reaffirm her baptism. At the end of our services, those who have already been baptized will be invited to remember their baptism as you come and touch the water. I pray that as you reflect on your baptism, you will spend time seeking the ways God continues to work in you and work through you as you are initiated into Christ’s holy church…incorporated into God’s mighty act of salvation…and given new birth through water and the Spirit!

Have a great weekend and I look forward to being with you in worship on Sunday at 8:45 and 11:00!

Grace and peace,

P.S. If you have never been baptized and are ready to take that next step in your faith journey, please contact Matt Parker at