And Let It Begin With Me

This past week, I have been at the New Room Conference in Nashville, TN, with over 2,000 other clergy and lay leaders in the global church. It has been an amazing experience as we have sat in the presence of God for three days praying for revival in the church and an awakening across the world. I want to thank our staff and leadership for allowing me this opportunity to be away for this time of spiritual renewal.

On Wednesday night, Kevin Queen, the speaker for that evening, talked with us about how we pray for revival. He said that our tendency is to often look at other people or places that need revival, and we wonder if God can bring revival on those people or places. Then he challenged us to pray for God to bring revival first in our own life, and then in the lives of others. He challenged us to draw a chalk circle around us and pray for God to awaken every heart within that circle. And he challenged us to believe that God will bring revival “because God has done it before and God can do it again.” Kevin’s message convicted me and left me wanting more awakening in my own life, in our church, in the Royston and Franklin County communities, and across the whole world. I do not know what such a revival might look like, but I believe God can do it because God has done it before.

This weekend, twenty five leaders from our church will gather on Saturday for a retreat at Gainesville First United Methodist Church. The purpose of this retreat will be focused on how our church will be in ministry to those in our community. There are THOUSANDS of people in five mile radius of our church who claim to have no religious affiliation. As we think about our mission (“to make disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus”), we need to pray for God’s awakening in each of those souls. Every person has a story and every story matters to God! But an awakening does not start with vision statements and outreach programs — it starts in my circle. And it starts in your circle. As we pray for the future direction of our church, will you join me in this prayer for revival in Royston.

“God, you have done it before; do it again. Awaken the church to the movement of Your Spirit and bring revival in Royston. And let it begin with me…”

Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to being with you in worship this Sunday!