Where do you see God?

Several years ago, I was leading a mission trip with some teenagers to the Agalta Valley in central Honduras. Each night, we would gather together for singing and an evening devotion. After the devotion time, we would ask anyone who felt comfortable sharing with the group to tell others where they saw God that day. The responses were amazing and inspiring. People would see God in a gentle breeze on a hot day or a cool drink of water at just the right time. They would see God in the actions of others on our trip and they would see God in the generosity of the people we were working with. God was seen in beauty of creation and also in the rain that would fall in the middle of the day. As I listened to these teenagers explain where they would see God, I was reminded once again that God is all around us.

Where do you see God? This month, we are talking about the miracles of Jesus in our message series and discovering the amazing things God is doing. I have enjoyed hearing some of your stories of miracles and God at work in your life. God is with us! This Sunday, we will continue our series as we read Matthew 14:22-33 and talk about Jesus walking on the water and the faith of Peter to step out of the boat. I hope you will plan to join us and invite someone to worship with us at 8:45 or 11 AM.

Finally, I want to add a word of thanks — I have been blown away by your welcome and hospitality as you have welcomed my family and me these last three weeks. I know we still have many people to meet, but we have been thrilled to meet so many of you and embraced as members of your faith community. Royston First UMC is a great place to be and I believe God is doing amazing things here! I am pumped to be part of this journey with each of you as we “make disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus.” Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you in worship on Sunday!

Grace and peace,