Current Message Series

How would Jesus describe happiness? Every day, people search for happiness. Our culture has taught us that we can be happy with more money, more fame, and more prominence. But Jesus described happiness in a different way. In Jesus’ first words in Matthew’s gospel, he describes happiness as honorable dispositions (humility, mournfulness, meekness, passion for justice, pure heart) and acts of mercy, peace, and justice. Jesus turned our understanding of happiness upside down as he introduced a new kingdom to his followers. 

In this series, we explore Jesus’ definition of happiness in God’s kingdom and discover his desire for his followers as we live a happy and blessed life.

July 7: “From Rags to Riches” (Matthew 5:1-5)
July 14: “An Appetite for Righteousness” (Matthew 5:6)
July 21: “A Heart For God” (Matthew 5:7-8)
July 28: “Peace and Persecution” (Matthew 5:9-10)