Current Message Series

What does it mean to live in a covenant relationship? How does a covenant relationship affect who we are and how we live? A covenant relationship requires two or more parties to live in accordance to an agreed upon understanding. Many people enter into this type of relationship when they buy a car, take a job, or get married. But what does it mean to live in a covenant relationship with God? Beginning January 20, we will explore the context of a covenant relationship with God as we look at the different types of covenants found throughout scripture, and we will discover how we can be more faithful and obedient to the covenant we have with God through Jesus Christ.

January 20: “Descendants” (Acts 3:22-26)
January 27: “A New World Order” (Genesis 9:1-17)
February 3: “Father of Many Nations” (Genesis 15:1-21)
February 10: “The Moses Covenant” (Exodus 6:1-9)
February 17: “God’s Promise to David” (2 Samuel 7:1-17)
February 24: “The New Covenant” (Revelation 21:1-7)