Practical Suggestions for Faith Formation

Read Scripture
Download a Bible reading plan and commit to reading scripture each day. Plans can be found online at You can also download our Royston First UMC 2021 Bible Reading Plan that follows along with our worship series each week.

Set aside some time for prayer each day. Where is the place that you connect with God the most? Make this your prayer spot and try to go there every day. Some other practical suggestions for enhancing your prayer time include prayer walks, guided prayers, breath prayers, and more.

To learn more about prayer, visit

Personal Worship
Worship is not limited to an hour each Sunday. You can spend time each day in personal worship. Create a musical playlist of your favorite worship songs on your phone. Take a walk while listening to your music. Spend time reading the Psalms each day. Start a journal sharing your praise and your laments to God.

Serve Others
Find a place where you can be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to others. This can be through one of our ministry areas in the church or through one of our mission initiatives. You can also find opportunities to serve through some of our mission partnerships.

Connect with Others
Find a small group to get connected with and grow deeper in your understanding of God’s teachings in your life. This can be a Sunday School class, a short-term class or Bible study, or one of our Community Groups that meets during the week.