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Community is one of the most important factors to individuals. We want to know that we are accepted for who we are and that we have a place where we belong. Unfortunately for many people, this is not found in church. The church can often be seen as an institution more focused on what we want from people than what we want for people. Instead of finding support and encouragement in their faith journey, many people find bitterness, resentment, and division. How can the church be a community of faith for all people? How can the church be a community for those who want to follow Jesus and make disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus?

During the month of August, we will be studying Paul’s letter to the Ephesians in a series titled Community. The emphasis of this series will be on finding unity in the community of faith. Instead of focusing on what divides us (worship styles, denominations, politics, lifestyle choices, gender, ethnicity, etc.), how can we be one church focused on what unites us – the lordship of Jesus Christ and the grace of God revealed to us through the Holy Spirit.